Benny Cristo’s song will be internally selected!

January 4, 2021


With the 2021 season well and truly underway, we are beginning to see the songs slowly but surely trickle through. Soon, we will be hearing the song from the Czech Republic, who have internally selected their 2020 artist Benny Cristo. The national broadcaster Ceska Televize have just confirmed that Benny Cristo’s 2021 entry will be internally selected to represent the country in May.

This news comes about a month after it was revealed that Benny Cristo was in the process of selecting his song for 2021. It is also revealed that the Czech Republic have a new Head of Delegation. Kryštof Šámal will now be taking the reins as the HoD at the 2021 contest, taking over from last year’s HoD Cyril Hirsch.

Czech Republic in Eurovision

Czech Republic first participated in 2007, with Kabát’s Malá dáma coming last in the semi final with 1 point. Their first qualification came in 2016 when Gabriela Gunčiková qualified with the song I Stand, coming in 25th place. Their best result came from Mikolas Josef in 2018 with the song Lie To Me, where he came 6th place with 281 points. After winning the Czech ticket in 2020 prior to cancellation with the song Kemama, Benny Cristo will be representing the country in 2021 in Rotterdam this May.

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