Czech Republic: Benny Cristo is currently selecting 2021 entry

| December 15, 2020

Considering the circumstances, many artists of 2020 have been internally selected for Eurovision 2021 so they can actually showcase their potential to a wide audience. One of these artists is Benny Cristo from the Czech Republic who was supposed to represent his country with the song Kemama. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the contest had to be cancelled, followed by a quick announcement that Benny Cristo is going to represent his country again in 2021. This led to the comfortable situation that he had a lot of time to prepare his 2021 entry for Eurovision. Jan Bors, the former head of delegation for the Czech Republic, has announced news about it.

Cristo has finished a number of potential songs and is currently in the process of deciding which one should compete in May 2021 in Rotterdam. Since it will be an internal pick, we will most likely only hear the selected song for Eurovision. Considering that the deadline is in the middle of March, Benny still has some time left to make his final decision. He has been one of the first songs released in the 2020 season and made some news with multiple revamps with mixed reception. We will see whether this will happen again or not. 

Czech Republic in Eurovision

The Czech Republic is one of the newest members of the Eurovision family and debuted in 2007 with the song Malá dáma by Kabát. With a last place debut and three very poor results in a row, Czech Republic withdrew from Eurovision in 2010 for five years. In 2015, they came back and managed three qualifications within five participations. Mikolas Josef’s Lie To Me has been their most successful entry so far with 281 points and a 6th place finish in 2018.

Have you been a fan of Kemama? Are you excited to hear Benny Cristo’s entry for 2021? Let us know down in the comments.


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