Acts revealed for Etapa Națională 2024 live auditions

December 27, 2023


The acts competing in the live auditions for Etapa Națională 2024 have been revealed.

The Moldovan broadcaster has revealed the acts that have made it to the live auditions stage of their national selection for Eurovision 2024. Initially, 32 acts were chosen, but earlier today, it was confirmed that Aliona Moon feat. Milla have withdrawn. The broadcaster was informed of their withdrawal by the their manager, but no reason has been given yet. All of the songs can be heard at

  • Anna G – “Ay Ay Ay”
  • Anna Gulko – “Perfect Place”
  • Cătălina Solomac – “Fever”
  • Denis Midone – “Back To Me”
  • Formația Vele – “Caranaval”
  • Iulia Teleucă – “Runaway”
  • Julea Viola – “Light Up!”
  • LAURA – “Spune-mi”
  • Maria Ciolac – “Tell Me”
  • Max Cara – “Broke The Chain”
  • Natalia Barbu – “In The Middle”
  • Nicoleta Sava – “Bravo”
  • Nino – “Up Again”
  • O L – “No Time No Space”
  • Oleg Spînu – “Jungle”
  • Oliv Sky – “Another Universe”
  • Oliv Sky – “Loud and Clear”
  • POLI – “Lui”
  • Reghina Alexandrina – “Contrasens”
  • Sasha Bognibov – “Married to Twins”
  • Sasha Letty – “DNA”
  • TRUPA VOVI ROBIAN – “Robotul Vovi”
  • Tudor Bumbac – “Tudorel”
  • Valeria Pasha – “Anti-Princess”
  • Valleria – “Run”
  • Valleria – “Rule (Rai Di Ri Di)”
  • Victor Gulick – “Fever”
  • Victor Lozinsky – “Dirty Wind / Joker and Harley Move”
  • Y-Limit – “REVOLUTION”
  • Y-Limit – “What’s The Fun”

Among the line-up are some familiar faces. Natalia Barbu represented Moldova in Eurovision 2007 with “Fight” and Denis Midone represented Moldova in Junior Eurovision 2012 with “Toate vor fi”. Sasha Bognibov, Sasha Letty, Tudor Bumbac and Viola Julea have all previously participated in Moldova’s Eurovision national finals over the years.

The top 10 acts from the live auditions will progress to the live televised final, which will take place on February 17th. The final results will be decided by 50% televoting and 50% jury voting.

2023 saw the return of Pasha Parfeni to the Eurovision stage, eleven years after his first participation in 2012. The Moldovan singer-songwriter was crowned the winner of Etapa Națională 2023 with his song “Soarele și Luna” (The Sun and The Moon). He qualified to the final, where he finished in 18th place with 96 points.

Who do you think will be Pasha Parfeni’s successor? Which songs are your favourites from the live auditions line-up? Let us know what you think of the songs in the comments below!

Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

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