130 submissions received for Israel’s Eurovision 2022 entry

October 19, 2021


More than 130 songs are competing for Israel's Eurovision 2022 entry

About 130 songs are competing in the process of becoming the Israeli song for Eurovision 2022. 

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation confirms to EuroMix that about 130 songs were submitted to the committee that will select the eight songs that will perform in the final show of “The X Factor for Eurovision”.

This is the lowest number of songs since 2018. For instance last year, about 220 songs were submitted and more than 250 songs tried to get to Eurovision in 2020 for Israel.

The creators talk about the low amount of songs referring to a complicated submission method, in which they have been asked to “gamble” and write a song to a singer who is not well acquainted with this style.

Many creators chose not to participate in the selection process this year because they claimed “everything is rigged.” 

In the last few years, the best song has always been appreciated for the emphasis on the moral message, the sound and the audience vote.

The songs could be submitted in two ways: a general track where songs not written for a particular singer would be submitted, or an artist track where songs would be submitted to a specific singer. If the committee doesn’t find any suitable songs, it may decide to contact other non-competing singers or composers.

“X Factor for Eurovision” is expected to start very soon, and it will be moderated by Liron Weizman, with Netta Barzilai, Miri Mesika, Ran Danker, Aviv Geffen and Margalit Tsanani, who will be the judges of this season.

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