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Zurich Steps Up to Host Eurovision Song Contest 2025

June 14, 2024


Zurich’s city council has officially launched its bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2025. With resolute support from multiple political parties, the council has endorsed two motions urging the city government to nominate Zurich as the candidate city. These proposals highlight Zurich’s potential to host a major international event that promises not only a significant cultural festival but also an opportunity to boost the local economy.

Credit: Hallenstadtion Zürich,

The first proposal, supported by the SP and GLP, passed convincingly with a vote of 64 to 14, amidst 26 abstentions, demonstrating robust backing from the council. The second proposal, discussed in the parliamentary chamber, also passed with a narrower margin of 38 to 28 votes and 37 abstentions. These votes underline the strong political will to bring Eurovision to Zurich.

The city’s readiness to host such a large-scale event is clear as it competes against other Swiss cities like Geneva and Basel for the national nomination. Despite some opposition regarding cultural fit and financial implications, the overall sentiment from city officials is overwhelmingly positive. Mayor Corine Mauch has expressed high enthusiasm, indicating that the city is highly motivated and inspired by the opportunity, feeling “under Nemo’s spell.”

Both proposals, though slightly different, share a common goal to transform Zurich into the stage for Eurovision, projecting it onto the international scene and reaping significant economic benefits. While the final decision is still pending, the excitement and commitment among Zurich’s officials are evident, as they work towards making this vision a reality. Further details about the bid will be presented shortly as the city prepares for the next steps.

Credit: Hallenstadion Zürich

As Zurich positions itself in this competitive bid, the intrigue heightens with Geneva and Basel also vying to host Eurovision, setting the stage for a compelling national contest.

How do you think hosting the Eurovision Song Contest could transform Zurich? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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