Zlata Ognevich released a new music video for the song “My Forever”

July 19, 2021



Zlata Ognevich presented a video for the song “My Forever”. Sensual work shows how the singer lets go of the past and opens to a new life. “Мій назавжди” (My forever) is a new story of my life. I close the pages of the past and start everything from scratch, a new chapter of my love story“, Zlata admitted.

The plot has a dramatic story: the beloved actress marries another. But despite all the bitterness and emotional decline, Zlata eventually releases the boy and burns his photo. The video was directed by Herman Nenov. The video was shot in Antalya, Turkey, in the spring of 2021.

Will you make this music yours forever from now on? Share your thoughts about it!

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