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YLE to broadcast Eurovision 2023 with commentary in six languages

May 4, 2023


YLE will offer commentary in six languages for this years Eurovision Song Contest.

The Finnish broadcaster has confirmed that they will be broadcasting Eurovision 2023 with a choice of six different languages for the commentary.

  • Finnish (Mikko Silvennoinen)
  • Inari Sámi (Heli Huovinen)
  • Northern Sámi (Aslak Paltto)
  • Russian (Levan Tvaltvadze)
  • Swedish (Johan Lindroos & Eva Frantz)
  • Ukrainian (Galyna Sergeyeva)

All three live shows will be broadcast on YLE1, as well as Radio Suomi, Yle X3M and YleX. Käärijä will be performing “Cha Cha Cha” for Finland in 15th place in semi final 1 on Tuesday 9th May.

Will you be watching Eurovision 2023 on YLE? Which commentary will you be watching with? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Nelli Kenttä / YLE

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