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“With those two hands, put a crown on yourself and everything’s gonna be beautiful” – Samanta Tina’s message in a chat with Clara

May 16, 2021


The first rehearsal went so well for Samanta Tina, so she was stressed out, that the second wouldn’t be as amazing, however there was nothing to be afraid of. She and the whole team nailed it even better. “The small things are making the big things”. This was Samanta’s main sentence which explained the changes in the staging between the first and second rehearsals.

Samanta mentioned many symbols, like the unique high note at the beginning of the song to show that this song is different than the other Eurovision ones, because we, people are different, we are unique and it’s time to start loving ourselves and put our personal crown on our heads.

She couldn’t have forgotten about her team. She thanked her best friend and designer, Kasher Bloom, for her majestic green dress. Her backing vocalists are always with her. They have powerful voices and high self-esteem.

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