“We have been planning each and every inch of these little paper miniatures” – Leslie Roy about the staging in chat with Andy

May 18, 2021



Leslie Roy was working with her team on the staging for six months! Thanks to this hard work she is able to tell the story in the staging of her song “Maps”. The original element in that staging are the girls, Ingrid and Malin, who are moving those miniatures (e.g. treadmills), and that makes the whole concept very lovely. 

She isn’t afraid of showing her REAL emotions during the competition. It was a journey which was a part of a very meaningful story of her life. She didn’t forget about her homeland. Ireland along with the “legendary winners” keeps sending her a lot of support. Many people are sure that it will be something we have never seen before from the country of shamrock. The only action she wants to achieve in Rotterdam, the 10% which are still to succeed is to have fun in a friendful community.

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