Voxx Votes: What is your favourite interval act of the last decade?

June 10, 2021


US pop-star Justin Timberlake performing at Stockholm in 2016

We have seen some incredible interval acts over the past decade.

Interval acts at Eurovision have begun to attract a much larger interest amongst fans in recent years. The 2010’s have seen some groundbreaking interval acts showcased across Europe.

The contest has seen international superstars such as Justin Timberlake and Madonna grace the Eurovision stage – but what is your favourite interval act of the past decade?

Take a look at our poll and let the Eurovoxx team know who your favourite interval act of the last decade is!

Tel Aviv 2019 contest saw Madonna take to the stage

With 10 years of interval acts to choose from, it is certainly not an easy choice!

Interval acts over the past decade have given Europe a glimpse into each host nation’s culture and heritage with the previous winner returning for a vocal victory lap.

It is also worth noting that the hosts of each contest are no strangers to creating an incredible interval performance either, with past presenters breaking out into song and dance and preaching all about ‘Love, Love, Peace, Peace’!

Take a look at some of the contenders below:

Tel Aviv 2019: 'The Switch Song'

Copenhagen 2014: '12 Point Song'

Oslo 2010: 'Flashmob Across Europe'

We’d love to know your thoughts, so let us know in the comments below!

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