Uku Suviste plans changes to Eurovision performance in May

March 9, 2021


Estonia’s back up performance for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in May has been filmed and performer Uku Suviste is planning changes to his staging for the contest, he revealed in an interview with Raadio 2 following his Eesti Laul victory on March 6th.

Uku Suviste revealed in an interview with Raadio 2 that Estonia’s back up performance for Eurovision 2021 was filmed immediately after Eesti Laul on March 6th. He explained:

"Nothing can be polished there, the point was that when the Eesti Laul ended, there was a range when they had to send the material to Eurovision immediately that evening, that is their regulations."
Uku Suviste
Estonian representative for Eurovision 2021

Regarding plans for his staging at the Eurovision Song Contest, Uku revealed that changes will be made and will be consulting Jaagup Tuisk who staged his performance in Eesti Laul and explained that they will be sending their initial vision to broadcaster ERR today.

"The plan is to send out the initial vision. As far as the details are concerned, there is some time to grind them. All the production of animations and other solutions – there is now a little more time for that. We will meet in ERR soon and start discussing things."
Uku Suviste
Estonian representative for Eurovision 2021

Uku Suviste is due to perform his entry The Lucky One in the first half of the of the second semi final on May 20th.

Who is Uku Suviste?

Uku Suviste is an Estonian singer and songwriter from Võru. He rose to prominence in 2005 when he performed on popular Estonian singing contest Kaks Takti Ette and placed 3rd. In 2010 he took part in Russia’s largest song contest New Wave and also finished third.

In 2018 he competed in the 7th season of The Voice Russia and was coached by Ani Lorak, and was eliminated in the semi final.

He has competed in Eesti Laul three times in total. In 2017 he competed with Supernatural and came 7th in the semi final, failing to qualify. In 2019 he entered with Pretty Little Liar and reached the superfinal, placing 2nd. In 2020, he entered with What Love Is and eventually won the contest overall along with the ticket to Rotterdam to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2020. 

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