Ukrainian Broadcaster and EBU Discuss Eurovision 2023 Organization

May 21, 2022


Mykola Chernotytskyi, Chairman of the Board of Suspilne, Ukraine’s state broadcaster, revealed at a press conference that discussions with the European Broadcasting Union on whether or not to hold the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Ukraine will began yesterday.

The broadcaster is already in possession of the EBU’s documentation, so the next meetings should address security and infrastructure issues, as well as financial matters. Recall that Mykola Chernotytskyi had already declared his desire to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in a “peaceful Ukraine”, but that it will be a challenge.

Broadcasters from Spain, Poland and Italy have already publicly revealed that they are available to host Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine is unable to do so, while broadcasters from the Netherlands, AVROTROS and NPO, have said they are available to assist the Ukrainian broadcaster in whatever is needed. The city of Stockholm has also expressed interest, however the Swedish broadcaster has not commented on the matter.

What about you? Would you like to see next years event in Ukraine? Or anywhere else? Feel free to express your thoughts with us, because your opinion has always been important to us!

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  1. Blooming cheek POLAND want to host 🤯🤯vote rigging 2022 thay should get a year’s ban IMO. Rant over

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