Two songs disqualified from Moldovan national final

January 23, 2023


After the news of Aifden’s disqualification on MESC, the news of two Moldovan disqualifications came to life.

Unfortunately “Squeeze Paradise” by NÖRDIKA and the duet sung by Massimo Sinceri and DA-MUSE have been excludes from the Moldovan national final, Etapa Naţională 2023 (The National Stage 2023).

What happend and why are these songs disquaified?

Why are these songs exclude from Etapa Naţională 2023?

Submitting your song to a national final is not as easy as it may sound. There is a certain set of rules that the artists need to follow with their songs.

As it turns out, both “Squeeze Paradise” by NÖRDIKA and the duet by Massimo Sinceri and DA-MUSE breached these rules.

For a song to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, the song can not be published publicly before september 1st the year before the song contest is taking place. But, “Squeeze Paradise” has been on Youtube since February 8th 2012. That is more than 10 years before the deadline allowed by the rules.

Therefore TRM has announced the song will be excluded from the Moldovan national final. 

As for Massimo Sinceri and DA-MUSE’s duet, this song breached the rule regarding the participants nationality.

For the participants have to follow a 50% rule. The Moldovan national final rules state that at least 50% of the performers in a group should have the Moldovan nationality. 

Which is not the case here.

Will we see the participants back?

Unfortunately for Massimo Sinceri and DA-MUSE this means te end of their Etapa Naţională 2023 adventure. Since the breach of the rules is not caused by the song.

But for NÖRDIKA, the race is still on. We will not see them compete with their song “Squeeze Paradise” but they will compete their other song; “Damn and Down” in the live auditions.

When are the live auditions of Etapa Naţională 2023?

The live auditions will be held on January 28, at the public television studios. You can catch the live auditions on Moldova Channel 2, their website or on

Scoring for the Moldovan national final is done only by a jury. The panel that will judge the live auditions will differ from the jury that will score the finale.

Next to the live auditions, Moldova 1 will broadcast a special show regarding the live auditions. During this show, the finalists for Etapa Naţională 2023 will be announced. These finalists will be the ten artists who made the best impression on the jurypanel during the live auditions and received the highest scores.

Who are competing in Etapa Naţională 2023?

Who is competing in Moldova’s  national final this year? We give you the complete list of the 31 competing songs (you may see some familiair names…):

Artist Song title
Corina Ivanov
When Love’s Real
Formaţia Vele
Jocul neamului moldovenesc (The game of the Moldovan nation)
Nihilist & Lisa Nicky
Final Destination
Damn and Down
Victor Gulick
Let's Dance
Red Zone
Surorile Osoianu
Bade, bădişor, bădiţă(Bathe, little boy, little girl)
Why You Play It Cool
Adelina Iordachi
Deja Vu
Nikko T.
Live In Harmony
Pădure verde pădure (Green green forest)
Sunstroke Project
Yummy Mommy
NR 11
Vremea ta (Your time)
Sasha Bognibov
My Favourite Schoolgirl
Don’t Trumble
Lisa Volk
Scrisoare către ţară (Letter to the country)
Mystic Rose
Angel Kiss
Now I Know
Gesica Sîrbu
I'm in Love
Aliona Moon
Du-mă (Go)
Tania Pituşcan
Mioriţa (Ewe)
Pasha Parfeni
Soarele şi luna (The sun and the moon)
Ricky Ardezianu
Una rosa rossa (A pink rose)
Harmony Scuffle
Favourite One
Valeria Condrea
We’re Now Different
Diana Elmas
It Would Be Nice

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