“Tones and I” Interested in Representing Australia in Eurovision Song Contest 2022

July 20, 2021


There are still few details about Australia’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, but there is already interest in representing the country. Tones and I publicly assumed it.

The singer, whose name is Toni Watson, revealed to the radio show “Fitzy and Whippa”: “I was asked to help write the Eurovision song for Montaigne, which of course was the coolest thing. But I didn’t, with the confinement, we had to confine again, so I couldn’t go to the studio.”

In any case, interest in being involved in ESC was expressed, as she said: “After that I talked to people and said I wanted to be involved in Eurovision, I wanted to help write the song and the graphics. I love writing songs, I love shooting video clips… so next year I don’t mind singing, I don’t mind singing, okay, but I want to be part of the artistic side.”

Any fans of the singer? Would she be a good choice for Australia next year? Share your thoughts with us…

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