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The Netherlands to keep future Eurovision participation under consideration

June 9, 2024


AVROTROS release new statement about the ongoing situations surrounding Eurovision 2024.

The Dutch broadcaster have released a new statement regarding the ongoing issues that occured during Eurovision 2024 in Malmö, and the ongoing investigation into Joost Klein’s disqualification from the Eurovision 2024 grand final.

AVROTROS initially made a statament regarding the Joost Klein incident on Saturday, 11th May, the day of the grand final of Eurovision 2024. Later that day, they released another statement in which they confirmed that Nikkie de Jager would not be reading out the points of the Dutch jury, (as originally planned), as they did not feel the need to now they were no longer a part of the grand final.

Since Eurovision 2024 has come to an end, various European broadcasters have approached the EBU for clarity on numerous incidents surrounding this years contest. AVROTROS’ latest statement touches on the disqualification of Joost Klein, the internal EBU investigations that are ongoing, and on The Netherlands future in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Joost Klein's disqualification

“An investigation into the incident after Joost Klein’s performance in the 2nd semi final is still pending at the Swedish Public Prosecution Service. During this investigation, we unfortunately cannot go into the details, the circumstances and the handling of this incident because this could influence the investigation. We can say based on the information we had then and we have now, we still believe the disqualification was unnecessary and disprortionate.”

EBU investigation

“AVROTROS, like other participating countries, has received a request from the EBU to co-operate in an investigation. We have decided to co-operate with this, with the necessary caveats. AVROTROS believes that a broader, more in-depth, and truly independent investigation is needed to address structural problems…

“… Not only organisation in Malmö and the EBU, but also the role and mandate of the Reference Group (the committee of delegated participating countries), the rules / procedures and appeal possibilities in the event of complaints, and the increased pressure on the artists and delegations in the run-up to and during the Song Contest, should be the subject of investigation by a recognised and independent research agency.”

Dutch future in Eurovision

“The Eurovision Song Contest was created to connect countries and peoples through music and to encourage mutual brotherhood. This should be the starting point for the organisers and all participating countries. Until AVROTROS is confident that structural adjustments will be made to the artists and their musical mesaage back in the centre, we will keep participating in the Song Contest under consideration.”

At the time of writing, The Netherlands will be keeping their Eurovision 2025 participation under consideration, and have yet to give a definate answer on whether they will participate or not. Should The Netherlands not compete in next years contest, it would only be the fifth time in their Eurovision history that they would not compete, as they did not compete in 1985, 1991, 1995 and 2002.

What are your thoughts on the latest statement from AVROTROS? Do you think that The Netherlands will participate in Eurovision 2025? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. As a Dutch myself, I know that what AVROTROS says has to be seen as very serious. Never did the Dutch step out, never did they complain, even not when they didn’t qualify in the years 2005-2012. For them it goes further than just ‘the case Joost Klein’. It’s about the aproach towards artists, the way EBU deals with complaints, the lack of transparency in procedures too. I’m sure AVROTROS will step out if EBU answers won’t be satisfactory. If so, it won’t be without financial consequences for the total budget, as The Netherlands are the 6th highest contributor. If other countries skip the 2025 contest too it could have real big influences. EBU can call itself very lucky to have the rich Swiss as host country.

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