“Telika I Zoi Sinehizetai” is Elena Tsagrinou’s new song feat Dimitris Tatarakis

July 10, 2021



“Eventually Life Goes On”, thats the meaning of Elena’s song in greek called Telika I Zoi Sinehizetai.

In this song Elena Tsagrinou collaborates with singer Dimitris Takarakis and is the latest song from the finalist of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Cyprus.

It’s a song written by Anastasios Rammos, Dimitris Kontopoulos, Diveno Beltsos, Gabriel Russell, Giannis Doxas, Loukas Damianakos and Pavlos Manolis that you can see below in the official video.

Eventually you may listen to the song below and go on…share your thoughts with us about this one as well!


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