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Swiss Cities Bid launch to Host Eurovision Song Contest 2025

May 31, 2024


With Switzerland confirmed as the host country for the Eurovision Song Contest 2025, the race is now on to determine which Swiss city will have the honor of hosting this iconic event. Following Nemo’s triumphant win with “The Code” at Eurovision 2024, cities across Switzerland are vying for the chance to showcase their charm, infrastructure, and hospitality on the global stage.

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) has officially opened the bidding process, inviting cities to submit their proposals. The decision on the host city is expected to be made by the end of August, and the selection criteria will be rigorous.

Key factors that will influence the decision include:

1. Venue Capacity and Suitability: The chosen city must have a venue that can accommodate the vast audience that Eurovision attracts. This includes not only the main arena for live performances but also facilities for rehearsals, press conferences, and ancillary events.

2. Logistics and Infrastructure: Cities need to demonstrate they have the infrastructure to support the influx of visitors, including efficient public transportation, ample accommodation options, and robust security measures.

3. Financial Commitment: Hosting Eurovision requires substantial financial investment. Cities must show they have the necessary funding and sponsorship to cover the costs associated with organizing such a large-scale event.

4. Cultural and Economic Impact: The host city should be able to leverage the event to boost tourism, enhance its cultural profile, and deliver economic benefits to the local community.


Several cities are already emerging as strong contenders. Zurich, with its world-class Hallenstadion, efficient transportation system, and proximity to an international airport, is seen as a front-runner. Basel, known for its cultural vibrancy and the St. Jakobshalle venue, and Geneva, with the Palexpo Exhibition and Congress Center, are also in the running. Each city brings unique strengths and is preparing to put forward compelling cases for why they should host Eurovision 2025.

The final decision will be made by a committee of experts from SRG SSR and other relevant authorities at the end of August. They will evaluate each city’s proposal against the selection criteria to ensure the best possible experience for both participants and fans.

As the competition heats up, excitement is building across Switzerland. Hosting Eurovision is seen as a prestigious opportunity to celebrate music, culture, and unity, and the chosen city will have the chance to shine on one of the world’s most watched stages.

Which Swiss city do you think should host Eurovision 2025? Share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments below!

Source: SRG SSR

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