Suspline and BBC sign memorendum of co-operation for Eurovision 2023

October 13, 2022


The BBC and Suspline have signed a memorandum of co-operation ahead of next years Eurovision Song Contest.

On October 11th, the two broadcasters who are working together on Eurovision 2023, have signed a memorandum of co-operation, which has been signed by Mykola Chernotytskyi, Chairman of The Board of Suspline and Tim Davey, Director General of the BBC.

In this memorendum, the two broadcasters have agreed on the format that Eurovision 2023 will follow, and the Ukrainian elemtents that will be prevelant in the contest that will be hosted in Liverpool in the United Kingdom.

Speaking out about this momentous signing, Mykola Chernotytskyi has said: “I am grateful to our partners – the BBC – for productive cooperation. We have already agreed on the key principles and directions of work to jointly ensure a unique Eurovision: this musical festival will combine modern Ukrainian culture and all the diversity of British music and creativity.”

Memorandum of co-operation: how does it look?

  • The memorandum states that The BBC and Suspline have agreed to involve Ukraian artists and the Ukrainian community in the organisation and conduct of the contest.
  • A representative of Suspline will be part of the general BBC Supervisory Commission for Eurovision 2023, and specialists of the broadcaster will be involved in the integration of Ukrainian elements during the preparation and conduct of the contest.
  • The BBC and Suspline have also agreed on the artistic and musical design of the contest, the use of Ukrainian cultural elements and the representation of Ukraine as Eurovision 2022 winners.

The United Kingdom was officially declared the host country of Eurovision 2023 back in July, after the EBU deemed Ukraine unable to host the contest safely.

Numerous cities up and down the country expressed their interest in hosting the contest. All of these cities were whittled down to just seven cities, which were then whittled down to just two – Glasgow and Liverpool, with the latter winning the bid on October 7th.

What are your thoughts on this memorandum of co-operation? Are you happy to see so much Ukrainian influence and input in Eurovision 2023? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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