Spain receives 886 songs for Benidorm Fest and reveals new details about the contest

November 22, 2021


The public television broadcaster in Spain (RTVE) has summoned the press this morning for a meeting with the new head of delegation, Eva Mora, the Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, María Eizaguirre, and the musical advisors of the Benidorm Fest, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson and J Cruz. In this press conference, the team took stock of the songs received in addition to providing some details about the Spanish national final for Eurovision 2022.

886 songs and well-known artists

 The central axis of this press conference has been the number of songs received for Benidorm Fest 2022: A total of 886 songs. Breaking down this figure, 692 songs have been presented through the public call on the RTVE website, while 194 belong to well-known artists who have been directly invited by RTVE.

 The head of the Spanish delegation has been proud and positive with the reception of songs and she has boasted of the diversity of the styles: ballads, flamenco, metal, folk, pop, fusion, rock, trap… Advancing that they have received songs in all the official languages of Spain (Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician), as well as songs with fragments in English and Italian.

 With regard to artists, the team has spoken of a great variety also between new talents and well-known artists, advancing that British and American producers are involved in the candidacies of some well-known artists. RTVE has also advanced that some songs include in their composition teams to international producers and writers nominated for an Oscar and producers of artists on the Billboard list and who are behind hits by artists such as Madonna or the Black Eyed Peas.

 Eva Mora explained that the hard work begins now, making a selection of quality songs that are at the height of Eurovision Song Contest, but that at the same time it must be diverse and balanced in terms of diversity of songs and artists. The head of delegation has announced that the 12 chosen artists will be known before Christmas.

Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Eva Mora, María Eizaguirre and J Cruz (Photo: CROPPER)

Some details have been advanced

 In addition to talking about the songs, the team has also talked about some aspects related to the Benidorm Fest, although without delving into the subject. For example, they have said that the presenters of the contest will be announced very soon. They have also advanced that they are working on the possibility of making a compilation album with the participating songs and that the Benidorm Fest will have guest artists who will perform out of competition.

 On the other hand, the team has announced that they have not yet made a decision regarding how the winner of the contest will be announced: whether the voting will be open (knowing what each jury and the audience vote separately) or the winner will be announced directly. What we already do know is that the winner will be chosen by vote: 50% professional jury (made up of 60% national experts and 40% international); and 50% public (broken down into 50% televoting and 50% made up of a sample of the Spanish population selected through statistical and demographic rules).

 Finally, the new head of the Spanish delegation has been very excited about this project as it will serve to re-float many sectors that have suffered losses after the pandemic, advancing that the city of Benidorm will host different events during the Benidorm Fest week.

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