Snippets released for the Junior Songfestival 2022 finalists

July 4, 2022


Snippets have been released of the finalists of Junior Songfestival 2022.

A total of four acts will be competing in this years Junior Songfestival for the chance to become The Netherlands’ Junior Eurovision 2022 representative, and official snippets of their songs have been revealed.

A total of 53 acts made it through to the auditon round back in March 2022. This was whittled down to 23 acts in May, who made it to the Junior Songfestival 2022 Academy. From these 23 acts, 14 of them advanced to the final.

For the final of Junior Songfestival 2022, Eva, Kayleigh, Larissa and Lemay were put together a girl group who have called themselves “Infinity”. Danny, Kaey, Luuk, Thijs and Thomas became boyband “High5”. Joep, Lois, Noor and Sam are a mixed group called “Mixed Up” and Luna is competing as a soloist.

  • High5 – “Because I Know” (snippet starts at 10:26)
  • Mixed Up – “It Doesn’t Matter” (snippet starts at 12:04)
  • Infinity – “Never Ever” (snippet starts at 15:00)
  • Luna – “La Festa” (snippet starts at 17:36)

The final of Junior Songfestival 2022 will take place in RTM Stage Ahoy, in the Rotterdam Ahoy arena. The show will be broadcast live on September 24th. Tickets can be purchased here.

Have you heard the snippets of the four Junior Songfestival 2022 entries? Which one is your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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