Samanta Tīna will sing “The Moon Is Rising” in Rotterdam

March 12, 2021


The end is near for the song selection season! Samanta Tīna has released her song The Moon is Rising on the Latvian broadcaster’s (LTV) Youtube Channel and on her own channel as well. It all was broadcast during a show called “Kā uzvarēt Eirovīzijā? Samantas Tīnas ceļš uz Roterdamu” (How to win at Eurovision? Samanta Tīna’s Road to Rotterdam) on LTV1 to give suspense for her song. 

The Moon Is Rising was chosen among 11 songs. Among the participants of the song camp were Aminata who repsented Latvia in Eurovision during 2015 with her song Love Injected, Kārlis Būmeistars who participated in 2005 for Latvia with his song The War Is Not Over, and head of the Latvian Music Export Association Agnese Cimuška-Rekke. The song was eventually created using themes from four of these songs, and was produced by Oscar Wuhan

Samanta Tīna - ´The Moon Is Rising´

Message of The Moon Is Rising

"In my song, I advocate that we all women are equal, no matter who we are. We are not women, but The Woman, we are each a Queen, and each has its own crown. There’s also text that dirty games aren’t my thing, I can go with an open heart. My role will be the same. To say how it is and it will be."
Samanta Tina
Latvian 2021 representative

How is Samanta Tīna going to stage the song?

She will use three backing singers/dancers for her entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2021. She has worked with the Latvian designer Kašers on the outfit for her 2021 performance. The outfit will be green with a touch of female empowerment.

Kašers explained that he wants to make sure that Samanta has the perfect outfit:

“It is important that it does not look like a costume on the opera stage, that it is modern, but with the features that Samanta said – it is divine, it is big, it is might.”

Samanta Tīna stated that she wanted to show something big and important about her dress that she want it to be a feminine dress to create the image of a goddess; it should not be girly or as from fashion week. On the contrary, a majestic and divine dress. 

"The main thing is the song, the rest are the tools that help to bring it out and tell the message. There will be one or the other color, the main question is – why? Why such graphics? There must be an answer to all these questions that helps to convey this message to people through television screens."
Samanta Tina
Latvian 2021 representative

Samanta Tīna's journey

Samanta Poļakova, better known as Samanta Tīna, was born on March 31 1989 in Tukums in western Latvia. She first came to public attention after winning the music show O!Kartes akadēmija, which allowed her to study in the Tech Music School in London.

Samanta has attempted to compete at Eurovision on a number of occasions. In 2012, she finished second in Eirodziesma, performing the song “I Want You Back” along with Dāvids Kalandija. In 2013, she finished second as solo artist with the song “I Need a Hero. The same year, she took part in the Lithuanian national selection with Vudis performing “Hey Chiki – Mama”, which did not advance from the first heat.

In 2016, Samanta participated in Supernova with two songs. “We Live for Love” did not advance from the first heat. “The Love Is Forever” advanced to the semi-final from the second heat. After performing in the semi-final, Samanta decided to withdraw. In 2017, she participated in the Lithuanian national selection with Tadas Rimgaila. Their song “Tavo oda” did not advance from the first heat. In 2019, Samanta finished 7th in the final of Supernova with “Cutting the Wire”. Last year did she participate in Supernova with her song “Still Breathing” and won. 

Latvia in Eurovision

Latvia debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, being the last of the Baltic nations to join the contest. On their debut, Brainstorm finished in 3rd place with the song “My Star”.

Latvia won the contest for the first and only time in 2002, with Marie N and her song “I Wanna”. Latvia struggled in to the contest after 2002, failing to qualify for the final for six years between 2009 and 2014. In 2015 and 2016 Latvia has finished 6th and 15th in the final. Now they hope Samanta Tīna is gonna bring them back to the Grand Final. 

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