This is the running order for the semi-finals of Eurovision 2021!

March 30, 2021



Running orders of the 2 semi finals revealed!

15 days after the official deadline for song submissions to the EBU, the running order for the semi-finals has been released. Before that, only the general allocation to the semifinal as well as the first or second half had been determined. Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Martin Österdahl approved this running order suggested by the host producers of NPO,NOS & AVROTROS. 

The first semi-final will be held on Tuesday, May 18 in the following order: 

  1. Lithuania
  2. Slovenia
  3. Russia
  4. Sweden
  5. Australia
  6. North Macedonia
  7. Ireland 
  8. Cyprus 
  9. Norway
  10. Croatia
  11. Belgium
  12. Israel
  13. Romania 
  14. Azerbaijan
  15. Ukraine
  16. Malta


Next to these participating countries, the automatic qualifiers Germany and Italy as part of the Big 5 as well as host nation Netherlands will vote in this semi.

The second semi-final will be held on Thursday, May 20 in the following order:

  1. San Marino
  2. Estonia
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Greece
  5. Austria
  6. Poland
  7. Moldova
  8. Iceland
  9. Serbia
  10. Georgia
  11. Albania
  12. Portugal
  13. Bulgaria
  14. Finland
  15. Latvia
  16. Switzerland
  17. Denmark


Next to the participating countries in this semi, the automatic qualifiers France, Spain and the United Kingdom as part of the Big 5 will vote here.

Taking a closer look at the running order


Having a closer look in the running order, the Lituanian band The Roop will open the biggest music show in the world with the song Discoteque. Bookies favourite Destiny will close the first semi with the song Je Me Casse. 10 songs will qualify to the Grand Final. Belarus, who were supposed to participate in this semi as well with the band Galasy ZMesta, had been disqualified by the EBU after submitting two songs which violated the rules.

In terms of the second semi-final, Senhit will open the show with the well-received song Adrenalina, potentially alongside international rapper Flo Rida. If the travel regulations allow a journey, we will see him in Rotterdam in May. Regarding the closing act, Denmark has been chosen to do this job. The duo Fyr og Flamme will therefore compete with their song Øve os på hinanden in running spot 17. Initially, Armenia was supposed to compete in this semi-final as well. However, Armenia withdrew from this year’s competition.


Semi Final 1 running order

Semi Final 2 Running Order

What do you think of the running order? Who do you think benefits and who suffers the most from it? Let us know down in the comments.

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