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RTVE announces the contestants of Benidorm Fest 2023

October 25, 2022


Pack your suitcase, we return to Benidorm! RTVE has already selected the 18 contestants of the II Benidorm Fest. Among them, many familiar faces. The winner of this competition will represent Spain at Eurovision 2023.

 The announcement of the artists, which was scheduled for the second half of this week, has been brought forward to tonight. Their names have been announced during a short special program presented by Inés Hernand, who was already the presenter of the last edition of the contest and will do so again in 2023.

 A total of 876 entries have been received, but these are the 18 selected artists to participate in Benidorm Fest 2023:

  • Agoney.
  • Alfred García.
  • Alice Wonder.
  • Aritz Arén.
  • Blanca Paloma.
  • E’Femme.
  • Famous.
  • Fusa Nocta.
  • José Otero.
  • Karmento.
  • Megara.
  • Meler.
  • Rakky.
  • Sharonne.
  • Siderland.
  • Sofía Martín.
  • Twin Melody.
  • Vicco.

 This Saturday evening, in prime time, the artists will participate in a special program presented by journalists Julia Varela and Rodrigo Vázquez. In this program, we will discover the profiles of each artist, their motivations for appearing at the Benidorm Fest, their musical careers and some clues about their musical proposal that will be released in the coming months.

Inés Hernand, hostess of the Benidorm Fest (Photo: RTVE)

The first edition of the Benidorm Fest was a complete success in Spain. In addition to the high following of the event and its impact on the press, the musical careers of all the participants experienced a moment of glory full of sales and concerts in which the “Sold out!” sign was hung. The culmination of the edition’s success came in May, when the winner of the Benidorm Fest 2022, Chanel, won third place in Eurovision with the song “SloMo”.

Are you excited about this selection of artists? Which artists do you have the most expectations of? Leave us your opinions in the comments!

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