Rosa Linn to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2022

March 11, 2022


Armenian broadcaster AMPTV have announced that Rosa Linn will represent Armenia at Eurovision 2022 in Turin. 

Her song and music video will be released on the 19th March, making it likely that Armenia will the last country to reveal their entry for the contest. 

Reports circulated around a week ago that the decision of who was going to represent Armenia was between Rosa Linn and Saro, but in the end the former has been chosen to represent her country. 

Who is Rosa Linn?

Rosa Kostandyan, better known as Rosa Linn, is a 21-year-old singer from Vanadzor in northern Armenia. Rosa actually has connections to a former Armenian Eurovision artist, being a part of Nvak Collective, which was co-founded Genealogy member (Armenia 2015) Tamar Kaprelian. 

In an interview with AMPTV, Rosa said “My songs are a direction to my inner world, my soul and my feelings. Music is my home, which I can never give up. Even the worst days can turn into the best melodies.”

Rosa’s biggest single to date is “KING“, which has over half a million streams on Spotify. 

Rosa will become the first artist to represent Armenia at Eurovision since 2019, due to the contest being cancelled in 2020 and Armenia withdrawing in 2021. Armenia have failed to make the final in their last 2 attempts, with Srbuk and her song “Walking Out” giving the Caucasus nation their worst result at the contest when she finished 16th in the semi final.

What do you think of Armenia’s choice? Are excited to hear Rosa Linn’s song on the 19th? Let us know in the comments below!

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