Renowned designer Palomo Spain will dress Chanel for Eurovision 2022

April 27, 2022


Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, Madonna, Rosalía… And now it’s Chanel’s turn! The prestigious fashion designer Palomo Spain has made the dress that Chanel will wear on the Eurovision 2022 stage in two weeks. A wardrobe of which he has advanced some details to the Spanish public television (RTVE).

After several weeks of rumours, the Spanish delegation for Eurovision has confirmed that Palomo Spain will dress Chanel at Eurovision. The Andalusian designer has confessed that he feels “tremendous pride” in dressing Chanel, especially this year when there are so many expectations in the Spanish performance at Eurovision.

 Palomo Spain has a great challenge: Chanel’s choreography is very powerful, especially in the chorus part and the break. The dress worn by Chanel at the Pala Alpitour in Turin must photograph well, fit in with the staging and the song. But, above all, it must be at the service of the artist, so that she feels safe and free to move. “The costume for the performance is very complicated, it is a technically perfect costume, but without forgetting that she is beautiful, innovative, attractive and that she shines like no one else,” says the designer to RTVE, “it is very important to choose the materials well and especially the way of sewing the pieces, so that they resist the dance well“.

Palomo Spain’s words towards Chanel have been all praise. “She’s lovely. Working with her is a pleasure!” said the designer. The artist has travelled to his workshop in the town of Posadas (Córdoba, Andalusia) so that all the measurements were perfect. Palomo underlines the importance of this project and reveals that his entire team is committed to it: We are all in Chanel dress, we are 20 hands working hours and hours, most days until after midnight.”

Chanel and Palomo Spain (Photos: RTVE / GTRES)

So far, no more information has been published about what Chanel’s dress will be like. However, the designer has talked about his favorite dress in the entire history of Eurovision and which has inspired the designer on many occasions: Salomé’s dress in Eurovision 1969, made by the renowned designer Pertegaz. A dress that weighed 14 kilos due to the more than five thousand tiny beads of turquoise blue porcelain that made up the garment from head to toe.

Will this dress be his inspiration for Chanel’s dress? Surely Chanel’s dress won’t weigh as much as that of Spain’s last Eurovision winner, but who knows if we’ll see Chanel shaking fringes in the Salomé-style thanks to Palomo Spain.

What are your expectations with this dress? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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