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Radio Liechtenstein set to apply for EBU membership

June 3, 2024


Could we be seeing Liechtenstein making their Eurovision debut?

Daily newspaper  Liechtensteiner Vaderland have reported that Radio Liechtenstein is in the process of applying for European Broadcasting Union membership, with the aim of eventually being able to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, due to the broadcaster being radio only, it is unsure if they would be able to compete in Eurovision.

Liechtenstein has previously shown interest in participating in Eurovision, and their first attempt at entering the contest came in 1975 when Biggi Bachmann won the country’s national final with the song “My Little Cowboy”. However, they were unable to participate due to not having a broadcaster. Liechtenstein wouldn’t get a television broadcaster until 2008.

1 FL TV, which broadcasts in German, was set up in 2008, and in July 2009, they announced that they would like to apply for EBU membership with the hope of competing in Eurovision 2010. However, nothing came of this, and the broadcaster was re-considering whether to try for Eurovision or not.

From 2016 onwards, 1 FL TV have made some attempts at gaining EBU membership, and attempting to debut in Eurovision; but a mix of financial troubles and uncertainty about whether this is what they want or not, has kept them away thus far.

Just over one week ago, Kosovo also confirmed that they would be applying for full EBU membership in the hopes of being able to participate in Eurovision. If all things go well, we could potentially be seeing two new countries making their debut in the contest.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland to join forces for Eurovision?

Shortly after Eurovision 2024, which saw Switzerland achieve their second win, Head of Licehtenstein Marketing, Matthias Ulrich, proposed the idea of Liechtenstein teaming up with St Gallen in Northeastern Switzerland to host Eurovision 2025. St Gallen has already expressed an interest in hosting Eurovision 2025, at Kantonalbank Hall.

Would you like to see Liechtenstein participating in Eurovision? Do you think the Liechtensteinian broadcaster will be successful with their EBU membership application? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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