Press Conference and Online hosts for Eurovision 2021 have been revealed

April 17, 2021


The Press Conference and online hosts for this years Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed. Hila Noorzai, Koos van Plateringen, Rutger Vink and Samya Hafsaoui will all host the Press Conferences as well as providing content for the online press centre.

Hila, Koos and Samya will moderate all of the press conferences for Eurovision 2021. In addition to this, they present daily shows called “News Updates”, in which they will keep the press informed about what is happening each day. These updates will be available through the online press centre.

Samya and Rutger will be the presenters of an online series “All Access”, which will take fans backstage at Eurovision 2021. There will be a total of seven episodes which will be uploaded to the official AVROTROS YouTube channel, starting from May 10th.

Samya and Hila will also be hosting “Eurovision Newsflash”, a daily show that will keep fans up to date with all the latest Eurovision 2021 news. These videos will also be available on the official AVROTROS YouTube channel, starting from May 8th.

Hila Noorzai was a radio DJ for QMusic before moving to television, where she has been hosting the news show “EenVandaag”. Speaking to AVROTROS, Hila has stated: “I have not left my love for music in the radio studio, therefore, I cannot wait to start backstage at Eurovision.”

Koos van Plateringen is a journalist and television host. He has hosted the television show “Shownieuws”, where he showcased his Eurovision expertise. Speaking to AVROTROS, Koos has said: “I find it fantastic to be part of the hosting process this year. We will make it an unforgettable contest.”.

Rutger Vink is a famous YouTuber under the name Furtjuh. He has over 823 thousand subscribers. Since 2012, he has been making videos of himself reacting to Eurovision songs each year. Rutger has told AVROTROS: “The fact that I am now a part of the contest myself is a great honour and I am especially looking forward to it!”

Samya Hafsaoui is a writer and journalist, among many other things. Her journalistic career has seen her interview the likes of Billie Eilish and Lizzo. Speaking to AVROTROS, she has said:  “Eurovision is the Champion’s League of music journalism. I feel that all those hours of studying English and all these years of watching, writing and of course listening a lot will melt together perfectly. This year will be unique and to be a small part of this really feels like a peak.”

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