POLL: What is YOUR favourite track from ABBA’s Voyage album?

November 5, 2021


Today ABBA have released their first album in 40 years – Voyage – and we want to know your favourite track from the new album!

The wait is finally over...

Since the news livestreamed around the world on 2 September 2021, when Benny and Bjorn revealed that not only were ABBA beginning a digital tour in 2022, but the news that ABBA fans had been waiting for for decades was finally realised – we were getting a FULL album of new songs!

We have already been treated to 3 songs from the album to get us in the mood: I Still Have Faith In You, Don’t Shut Me Down and Just A Notion have all been released as singles.

And today, as midnight struck around the world, we weren’t celebrating new year – but logging onto streaming services to hear what we never through we would have the chance to hear, track by track. Through the day physical pre-orders of the album will be delivered to fans from Sydney to Los Angeles, proving that the love for the Swedish supergroup has never dwindled.

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Listen to the songs below...

What is YOUR favourite track from the new album?

You can vote for up to 3 songs!

Which song or songs did you vote for? What do you think of ABBA’s new Voyage album? Let us know in the comments below, or shout out to us on social media!

3 Responses

  1. Don’t shut me down. Hard to choose. Amazing songs. Why this one…because it could be an intro of a beautiful animation film from Disney. Love the softness the lyric. It stays in my head. And Agnetha does this so Amazing well

  2. I absolutely love this Album and it just grows on me more and more with each listen, it’s up there with all their other classics. Well done ABBA

  3. I love every song! Tears for many of them, but I assure you: tears of happiness. I am so blown away by the way the girls still sound, solo and especially together. The instrumentals are fantastic and unlike anything you’d normally hear in 2021. The lyrics are creative and I actually pay attention to the stories they weave because they are so good!

    This is just what the world needed!

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