Poland chose Sara Egwu-James as their Junior Eurovision representative

September 26, 2021


Sara Egwu-James has won the third edition of “Szansa na Sukces: Eurowizja Junior” and will represent Poland at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with her song “Somebody”.

A total of three acts participated in the show, with the final results being decided by a mix of 50% televoting and 50% jury voting. Sara received 5 points from the jury and televoters, putting her in first place with 10 points. Miłosz Świetlik Skierski and Marysia Stachera both received 4 points each.

The jury panel was made up of Anna Cyzowska-Andura, the director of the Agency “Kreacji Rozrywki”, Grzegorz Urban, the music director for the show and Konrad Smuga, the director of Poland’s performances in Junior Eurovision. 

Alongside this jury panel, there was also an in-studio panel made up of Ala Tracz (Junior Eurovision 2020), Edyta Górniak (Eurovision 1994) and Roksana Węgiel (Junior Eurovision 2018). They did not have any say in the voting, but they were there to give feedback and comments on the performances.

Poland made their Junior Eurovision debut at the very first contest in 2003. After two last place finishes, the country withdrew from the contest, and did not reutrn until 2016, where they achieved 11th place.

Roksana Węgiel achieved Poland’s first Junior Eurovision win in 2018 with “Anyone I Want To Be”, and thus, the contest came to Poland for the first time in 2019. Viki Gabor did the double for Poland, winning in 2019 with “Superhero”. The 2020 contest was hosted live from Warsaw.

Are you happy with Poland’s choice for Junior Eurovision? Was “Somebody” your favourite song from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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