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“Pes Tis”: Andromache is back with a Greek bop!

March 17, 2023


After her ethnic Eurovision hit "Ela" and a collaboration with WRS from Romania, Andromache is finally back with a new bop!

The Greek artist with German roots, who represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Turin, is now back with her newest song called “Pes Tis”! The song that can be translated into “Tell Her” is a modern uptempo song with ethnic elements and was written by Leonidas Sozos and Vasilis Koumentakos. Leonidas has already been writing songs for other popular Greek artists like Josephine.

The song “Pes Tis” is about a woman who has been hurt by a man that loved another woman, the main sentence “πες της να σε προσέχει” means “Tell her to take care of you”. The music video shows Andromache in different dark settings and gives off a mysterious and sad atmosphere, the chorus shows throwbacks to the time of the couple being together and shares positive and happy memories.

You can listen to the song and watch the music video here:

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