“Omaga” producer reveals origins of the song

March 16, 2021



Filip Viček, the producer of “Omaga”, Benny Cristo’s song for Eurovision 2021, has revealed details of the origin of the song, and how it all came about. Filip reveals that working on Omaga together was born the first time he and Benny met.

He came out of the kitchen and said I need to make a song where I can jump like this, and do like ta-da ta-da, and he was trying to explain that to me for 15 minutes, I have it recorded it on my phone. I absolutely could not grasp the rhythm he sang. After these 15 minutes… we finally got it and what came out of it is this Omaga.”

Omaga is the first collaboration between Filip and Benny. Speaking of their partnership, Filip has said of Benny that he was a very experimental artist who responds well to feedback and direction. The whole experience for Filip was “filled with surprises”.

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