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Olly Alexander Shines in Ambitious Eurovision Rehearsal

May 2, 2024


The United Kingdom’s entry, Olly Alexander, took the Eurovision stage by storm today with a visually stunning and ambitious rehearsal of his song “Dizzy.” Known not only for his musical prowess but also as an award-winning actor, Olly Alexander’s performance left a lasting impression.

Credit: EBU, BBC, Sarah-Louise Bennett

The staging notes provided by the UK delegation painted a vivid picture of the spectacle viewers witnessed. The Eurovision performance transported audiences into a post-apocalyptic dystopian setting—a boxing gym locker room aboard a spaceship hurtling toward Earth through a black hole in 1985! This imaginative and cinematic setting, reminiscent of the official music video, featured a room lined with dirty tiles and shower heads, giving off a gritty and atmospheric vibe.

Olly Alexander was joined by four male dancers sporting red boxing gear, adding to the intense visual narrative. The clever camera angles created the illusion of the room rotating, complemented by spinning black hole graphics on the LED screen, enhancing the feeling of hurtling through space.

Credit: EBU, BBC, Sarah-Louise Bennett

The staging was a testament to the UK’s ambition at Eurovision, incorporating special effects that truly came alive on screen. The song arrangement also featured notable changes, including a new middle eight with additional strings and a unique build-up to the final chorus.

To top it all off, the performance concluded with a spectacular pyrotechnic display, with loads of sparks and fireworks adding to the intense atmosphere, culminating in a final big bang moment.

Olly Alexander’s Eurovision rehearsal was not only ambitious but also a testament to his creative vision and stage presence. As fans eagerly await the live performance, it’s clear that the UK is pulling out all the stops to make a lasting impact at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

What are your thoughts on Olly Alexander’s ambitious Eurovision rehearsal? Share your excitement and predictions in the comments below!


@eurovision @Olly Alexander has us feeling a certain type of way with all that hanging around... let's call it Dizzy 🇬🇧 #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound - Eurovision

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