OGAE Song Contest 2022 cancelled for the first time ever

September 27, 2022



OGAE International has taken the decision to cancel the OGAE Song Contest 2022 due to current circumstances.

OGAE International has said in a statement: 

”It is with regret that the Bureau has decided to cancel this year’s OGAE Song Contest.”

”The current circumstances mean that it has proved impossible to hold this year’s contest within our traditional spirit of friendly competition.”

”We would like to thank OGAE Australia for all their hard work preparing this year’s contest and to invite them to host the 2023 contest.”

The OGAE clubs in the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Germany have withdrawn before due to the current situation. 57% of German fans have voted in a poll for this year’s withdrawal. Fans around Europe have not been satisfied with the development of the situation, which includes the non-dismissal of OGAE Russia. OGAE Ukraine has requested OGAE International to exclude OGAE Russia from the contest because the chosen artist is said to support the propaganda of Putin in the war against Ukraine. 

OGAE International is the network of official Eurovision fan clubs, every national club can submit an original song from their own country which has been released in the past 12 months. 

These songs would have competed in this year’s edition:

  1. Italy: Marco Mengoni – ‘Ma Stasera’

  2. Armenia: Brunette – ‘Smoke Break’

  3. Russia: Leonid Agutin and Vladimir Presnjakov – ‘ДНК [DNA]’

  4. Poland: Doda – ‘Fake Love’

  5. Latvia: Citi Zēni – ‘Limuzīns Uz Krīta

  6. Andorra: Julen – ‘Una Cançó’

  7. Finland: Vilma Jää – ‘Saatanan saalistaja’

  8. Serbia: Milica Pavlović & Albino – ‘Šećeru’

  9. Czech Republic: Laka Malawi feat WE ARE DOMI – ‘High Speed Kissing’

  10. Turkey: Kerimcan Durmaz – ‘Peşimde’

  11. Belgium: Lost Frequencies feat. Calum Scott – ‘Where Are You Now’

  12. Spain: Varry Brava and Soleá Morente – ‘Bajo la Luz Perfecta’

  13. Hungary: VALMAR feat. Robi Szikora – ‘Úristen’

  14. Norway: Chris Holsten – ‘Smilet i ditt eget speil’

  15. France: Juliette Armanet – ‘Le dernier jour du disco’

  16. Ireland: Westlife –’Starlight’

  17. Croatia: Vlaho feat. ZSA ZSA – ‘Flowerpot’

  18. Austria: Klangkarussell – ‘Home’

  19. Estonia: Daniel Levi – ‘Jasmine’

  20. Slovenia: Eva Boto – ‘Nočem, da greš’

  21. Rest of the World: Pabllo Vittar and Rina Sawayama – ‘Follow Me’

  22. Australia: Kylie Minogue and Years & Years – ‘A Second to Midnight’

  23. Cyprus: Loukas Yorkas – ‘Μέχρι Τον Ουρανό [Mexri Ton Ourano]’

  24. Portugal: Bárbara Bandeira feat. Carminho – ‘Onde Vais’

  25. Greece: Christos Mastoras – ‘AV’

  26. Sweden: ABBA – ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’

  27. North Macedonia: Lara feat. Kasapski – ‘Само сврти се [Samo Svrti Se]’


What do you think about the cancellation of the OGAE Song Contest? Do you usually follow this competition? Let us know in the comments below!

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