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NRK to introduce auto-tune in Melodi Grand Prix 2023

January 7, 2023


The Norwrgian Broadcaster has confirmed that auto-tune will be introduced to this years Melodi Grand Prix.

For the first time in Melodi Grand Prix history, auto-tune will be brought in to the show to remove any imperfections and to ensure that all of the vocals are perfect, as Melodi Grand Prix General, Stig Karlsen confirms to VG:

“MGP follows the development of the concert industry and music shows on TV, by allowing tuning of the lead vocal for MGP 2023… MGP therefore sees itself as having to follow developments in order to deliver the product expected by the public in 2023.”

At the present time, auto-tune is not allowed at the Eurovision Song Contest, nor has it ever been. So this raises the question as to why Melodi Grand Prix have allowed it. But Karlsen explains the reasons behind this decision:

“But therefore it is absolutely essential that the artists we select for MGP deliver at a high level, even without tuning. In those cases where we do not know the artist’s performance level live, they are invited to an audition…

…We set high standards for the vocalists’ performance level, but will help to perfect the quality of the sound production through the use of tuning. This is done to give the audience a similarly solid sound experience as in the rest of the industry.”

However, despite auto-tune making everyone’s vocals appear perfect, Karlsen reiterates that auto-tune does not make anyone a skilled vocalist”, and that there is still a lot that the singer themselves must do on stage to deliver a good performance:

“A good vocalist must deliver on communication skills, power, rhythm and timing, empathy, attitude and timbre. A vocalist is also carried by the individual character of the voice. Autotune is just one of several tools for correcting and optimizing the sound experience.”

Back in October 2022, NRK announced that changes were coming to Melodi Grand Prix in 2023. This years edition will see fewer (but bigger) heats, no-duels, and no pre-qualified acts. A total of 21 acts will perform across three semi finals and one grand final.

  • Semi Final 1 – January 14th
  • Semi Final 2 – January 21st
  • Semi Final 3 – January 28th
  • Grand Final – February 4th

What are your thoughts on auto-tune being included in Melodi Grand Prix 2023? Do you think this is a sign of things to come in Eurovision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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