No illegal statements found in the Russian Eurovision 2021 song lyrics

March 22, 2021


A few news websites, such as The Guardian have reported, that the Manizha’s song for Eurovision has been investigated for some illegal statements. Some Russian organizations, like Russian Union of Orthodox Women and website Veteranskie Vesti (which is associated with war veterans) accused the song of “hatred towards men, which leads to the undermining of the foundation of the traditional family” and “insulting Russian women, and harming the national society”.

On the 18th of March, Russian news website RIA Novosti reported that the Russia’s Investigative Committee had not found any illegal statements in the lyrics of this feminist song, although some people on social media commented that “Manizha is not only a non-Russian but also not a human”. The artist answered on Instagram with a little bit of wit.

Manizha with her song “Russian Woman” will perform in the first half of the first semi final on the 18th of May in Rotterdam.

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