Nicoline Refsing is Artistic Director for Levi Díaz’s Junior Eurovision performance

November 1, 2021


It has been confirmed that Nicoline Refsing will be the Artistic Director for Levi Díaz’s performance of “Reir”,  which will take place at La Seine Musicale in Paris this December.

This will be the second time that the Danish artistic director will work with RTVE in Junior Eurovision. In 2019, she worked with Melani García on her performance of “Marte”. Nicoline has also worked at Eurovision, staging Conchita’s winning performance of “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

"Reir is a fantastic, fun song, and it exudes happiness. After the tragic situation that we have been through, and that we are still suffering with the pandemic, I think it's very important to recover the smile, have fun and get together again. This song has that joy."

Nicoline Refsing

Without giving too much away about Levi’s upcoming staging, Nicoline assures us that we will see a dance party on the stage of La Seine Musicale: “I want the staging to represent the spirit of “Reir”; the energy, colour and joy that the song gives off.”

Spain made their debut in Junior Eurovision in 2003, and very quickly cemented themselves as one of the most successful countries in the contest. They withdrew in 2007 and returned in 2019. In seven participations, they have won once, in 2004, and never finished outside of the top 4.

Are you excited to see what staging ideas Nicoline has for Levi’s performance? Do you think Levi will have backing dancers with him? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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