Netherlands: S10’s live-on-tape performance to not be released

June 16, 2022


The number of live-on-tape performances being released has gone down to 38.

Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS have announced that S10‘s live-on-tape performance of “De Diepte” won’t be released on YouTube.

AVROTROS have told “We have submitted a request to the EBU not to put it online. We would like the performance from the live shows to remain as a memory for the public and the viewer”.

Something similar to this happened last year, when representatives from Ireland and United Kingdom requested that the EBU didn’t show the live-on-tapes for Lesley RoysMaps” and James Newman’s Embers” respectively. 

The first 6 live-on-tape performances are already out on the Eurovision YouTube channel. With Netherlands now not being shown and Ukraine being exempt from sending a live-on-tape, it is likely today we will see the performances of Moldova, Portugal and Croatia.  

S10 managed a very good result in Turin back in May, finishing 11th. 

Are you sad we won’t see S10’s live-on-tape performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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