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NDR to continue organising Germany’s Eurovision participation in 2025

June 9, 2024


NDR to remain responsible for the selection of Germany's Eurovision 2025 representative.

Despite reports last September in which it was stated that NDR will no longer be working on Germany’s Eurovision participation beyond 2024, these reports seem to have been quashed as they are confirmed to be working on finding Germany’s Eurovision representative for 2025, as ESC Kompakt reveal.

Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) has been responsible for finding Germany’s Eurovision representative since 1996. Throughout this time, they have had a mix of national finals and internal selections to chose their Eurovision representative, with the broadcaster organising a national final for the last three years running. Their last internal selection was in 2021 with Jendrik with his song “I Don’t Feel Hate”.

At the present time, it is unknown how NDR will go about selecting Germany’s Eurovision 2024 representative. This years national final, Eurovision Song Contest – Das deutsche Finale 2024, was met with some criticism, with the show being regarded as mediocre with no real diversity. There was also criticism at the late starting time (after 22:00 CET), and the hosting from Barbara Schöneberger, among other things. Will NDR opt for another national final in 2025?

The winner of this years German national final, ISAAK, went on to break Germany’s bottom five streak by finishing in 12th place in the Eurovision 2024 final, achieving 10th place and 99 points from the juries, and 19th place with 18 points from the televoters.

Are you happy to see NDR returning to select Germany’s Eurovision representative for another year? Do you think we will get another German national final in 2025? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo credits: Corrine Cummings / EBU

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