Music video for “Birth Of a New Age” released

March 6, 2021


The music video of the song “Birth Of a New Age”, which had its premiere on the 4th of March during the AVROTROS (Dutch Broadcaster) live stream, was released a yesterday.

The video has been recorded in the national museum of The Netherlands, “Rijksmuseum” in Amsterdam. The viewer can definitely feel the atmosphere of the song, thanks to the Sranan Tongo language, which is spoken by approximately 500 000 people in Suriname, the country, where Jeangu was born. We can hear it at the turn of the first and second minutes and during the last 40 seconds of the song. 

Thanks to the Duncan Lawrence’s victory in 2019, The Netherlands is the host of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and the automatic qualifier to the Grand Final. On the 22nd of May we are going to hear “Birth of a new age” as the 23rd song that night.

What do you think about “Birth of a new age”? How high do you have this song in your ranking? Let us know in the comments below!

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