Montenegro teases possible Eurovision return in 2025

January 6, 2024


Could Montenegro be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2025?

The Montenegrin broadcaster has hinted at a possible return of the country to Eurovision in 2025; However, at this stage, nothing has been confirmed.

RTCG released their Draft Programme Production Plans (PP) for 2024 last year, which sparked a discussion about the broadcaster’s musical programming plans and their promotion of local talent. N.Popović, who took part in these discussions, asked various questions regarding this, some of which include:

“Are there any plans to introduce content where local musicians can present their work? Are there plans to organise a music festival organised by RTCG, (in keeping with previous announcements of Montefon and Winter Festival)? Will RTCG participate in Eurovision 2025 and organise a national selection?

With regards to Eurovision 2025, the broadcaster has responded: “RTC Montenegro plans to organise a music festival aimed at promoting new songs by local performers and authors. This festival might also serve as the platform for selecting Montenegro’s Eurovision representative for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2025, depending on the available funding.”

Whether the budget allows Montenegro to return to Eurovision or not, the broadcaster will continue with programming aimed at promoting local artists across different musical genres, as RTCG explain:

“According to the Draft Programme Production Plan for 2024, RTCG envisions the continuation of the entertaining hit show “Hit Galaksija”. This programme promotes Montenegrin artists in each episode, allowing them to perform their original music alongside cover songs. Another show, simultaniously broadcast on RTCG, POP TOP, hosts domestic artists, showcasing their music. Additionally, a new music documentary show titled “Alternativni puls” is planned, promoting the alternative rock scene, and allowing bands to present their original music.”

Montenegro’s last Eurovision participation was in 2022, which saw Vladana performing “Breathe” in semi final 2 at PalaOlimpico in Turin. She finished in 17th place with 33 points. Montenegro’s withdrawal from Eurovision 2023 and 2024 is not their first withdrawal from the contest. The Balkan nation has previously been absent from Eurovision in 2010, 2011, 2020 and 2021, with financial difficulties being cited as the main reasons for their withdrawal.

The last time we saw Montenegro in the Eurovision final was in 2015, with Knez and the song “Adio”. He finished in 13th place with 44 points, and holds the record for Montenegro’s best Eurovision result. They have previously qualified for the final on one other occassion, in 2014, with Sergej Ćetković and “Moj svijet” finishing in 19th place with 37 points.

Do you think Montenegro could return to Eurovision in 2025? Which Montenegrin acts would you like to see on the Eurovision stage? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Photo credit: Andres Putting / EBU

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