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Member of Icelandic delegation tests positive for COVID-19

May 16, 2021

SHARE NOW have reported today that one member of the Icelandic delegation in Rotterdam has tested positive for COVID-19. At the moment, we do not know which member has tested positive. “During a routine test on Sunday 16 May, a member of the Icelandic delegation tested positive for COVID-19.”

As a result of this positive test result, this delegation member has now gone into self isolation, in accordance with health and safety regulations. As a precaution, all other members of the Icelandic delegation will also go into self isolation and will be given a PCR test. 

This news means that the Icelandic delegation will miss the Turquoise carpet and Opening Ceremony, due to be held today at 18:00 CET. At the moment, it is not know what will happen with regards to their performance in the second semi final on Thursday 20th May, but we will be sure to keep you updated when we know any more information.

We wish the Icelandic delegation member a speedy recover, and lots of good health for the rest of the team.

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