Melodi Grand Prix semi final 2: who qualified to the final?

January 23, 2021


The second semi final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 took place tonight in Norway, with four acts competing for a place in the final. The four acts were split into two duels, who each competed against each other to try and win a place in the super duel. The winner of each duel was decided by the act with the most votes on the NRK app and website.

The first duel saw Ketil Stokkan go up against Daniel Owen. Ketil’s song “My Life Is OK” lost out to Daniel’s song “Pyscho”. In the second duel, it was Melodi Grand Prix 2020 finalist, Raylee up against Maria Solheim, with Raylee advancing to the golden duel.

In the golden duel, it was Daniel Owen versus Raylee. Raylee came out on top and has advanced to the final. Ketil Stokkan and Daniel will perform again in the second chance round on February 15th.

Tonight also saw the third of six pre-qualified finalists performing, and tonight it was the turn of Stavangerkameratene with their song “Barndomsgater“.

What do you think of tonight’s show? How did your favourites fare tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

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