Melodi Grand Prix 2022: Subwoolfer on coming to earth and performing ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’

February 11, 2022

Melodi Grand Prix Subwoolfer


The race for the Norwegian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest is in full speed! Who will receive the most votes and win Melodi Grand Prix 2022? 

One of the contenders is Subwoolfer, also known as the best band in the biggest band in the galaxy. They have traveled all the way from the Moon to Earth to perform their song on the stage of the Melodi Grand Prix, so we decided to catch up with them to talk about their experiences on earth so far! 

Subwoolfer about their Melodi Grand Prix adventure on earth

[Eurovoxx]: Hello Subwoolfer and welcome to the beautiful planet Earth. First of all, how are you guys doing? Life must be a little bit crazy while you are competing in Melodi Grand Prix 2022.

[Subwoolfer]: It’s a competition? We just came to show the world who we are. We currently orbit around the earth landing wherever we are needed to spread further our important message to earthlings. But It has been fantastic to see earths reaction to us…..reminds us very much of the Pluto take over we did in 1754.

[Eurovoxx]: That sounds like a interesting story, maybe we will have to talk about that later…. So we all know the story about this man called Neil, promising you to make you the greatest band on his planet earth, but only once you’ve written the greatest song in the world. Why did you decide to take this song to the Melodi Grand Prix?

[Subwoolfer]: It’s the most important and prestigious musical event in the history of the world. So said Neil. So it must be true.

[Eurovoxx]: Neil sounds like a very wise man! And you seem to do well with the audience. You were selected as one of the pre-qualifiers for the grand final on February 19th and you are currently number one in the odds. Do you have the feeling the stakes are so high for you guys? How will you live up to all these expectations?

[Subwoolfer]:  We don’t pay attention to odds. We are already the oddest creatures to have ever graced the universe. And the only expectations we need to live up to, are those of our moon dog ‘Alcohol’. He is one hard to impress hound so if he approves then the world must.

Subwoolfer on encountering Omicron and the meaning of their lyrics

[Eurovoxx]: You were supposed to perform your song ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ for the first time during the 3rd semi-final on January 29th, but unfortunately you were not able due to COVID-19. You encountered Omicron, as you said. Did you feel this gave you a disadvantage in the competition and why (not)?

[Subwoolfer]: Omicron was a tough cookie. We still felt it’s influence weeks after. But there was a job to do so we battled through anyway. We don’t feel it was a disadvantage or an advantage. Just a side step in our plans.

[Eurovoxx]: Talking about your song ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’,  song in the universe already, there has been some rumors going around about what the lyrics of the song mean. As you know, I was also asking myself this question when I was reacting to the song on our YouTube channel. Some people believe the song is about COVID-19 and vaccinations, some say the lyrics have no deeper meaning whatsoever. Could you tell us a little more about the meaning of the song?

[Subwoolfer]: The lyrics are immensely layered. That’s why it took so many billions of years to write. We are thrilled that humans have begun to explore its true meaning. Why would anyone write a song with the title as ridiculous as ‘give that wolf a banana’ unless there was a deeper meaning.

Subwoolfer on Neil and the Melodi Grand Prix final

[Eurovoss]: On June 20, 1969, a prophet named Neil appeared to you guys, promising you he would make you the biggest band on our little planet too, has he heard the song yet?

[Subwoolfer]: We still haven’t found neil yet so we are unsure if he has heard it. But the more people that share it, the more likely he is to hear it so we are great full for all the help we are getting from earthlings in our quest. But we are confident he will think it’s exactly what he imagined it would be.

[Eurovoxx]: So, the Melodi Grand Prix final will take place on February 19. Are you excited to perform on that Melodi Grand Prix stage once again? And who will you thank first if you win?

[Subwoolfer]: Yes we are very excited for februari 19th! We will of course thank our subcubs first and foremost. Then we will thank our lucky stars.

Subwoolfer on the Eurovision Song Contest and Sarah's dancing

[Eurovoxx]: If you guys make it to the Eurovision Song Contest, what are you looking forward to the most?

[Subwoolfer]: We look forward to meeting the Italian folk. We have heard their culinary skills are incredible.

[Eurovoxx]: Yes we heard so too. In fact we have heard that the Italian representative Mahmood knows a really good place for Spaghetti Carbonara… 

Lastly, I would love to know if you liked my dancing in our video and of course if you have any tips for me to become even better!

[Subwoolfer]: Your dancing was out of this wolf. If we were to give you any tips, we would say just give it some more wolf with a little sprinkling of banana shavings.

[Eurovoxx]: Well, I will keep that in mind! Thank you so much for chatting with us and we wish you all the luck in the galaxy for Melodi Grand Prix! 

What do you guys think of Subwoolfer’s ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’? Let us know in the comments below! 

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