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Massive Police Operation for Eurovision 2024 in Malmö Costs Over 22 Million SEK

June 7, 2024


The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö saw an extensive police operation, with approximately 1,500 officers deployed to ensure security during the event. The total cost of this massive operation amounted to at least 22 million SEK, making it one of the largest police operations in Swedish history, as reported by Sveriges Radios Ekoredaktion.

Security Measures and Personnel

To manage the security needs of the high-profile event, half of the police force was brought in from other regions of Sweden. Additionally, about 50 officers were provided by neighboring countries, Norway and Denmark, highlighting the collaborative effort to maintain safety and order during Eurovision.

Credit: Veronika Ljung-Nielsen

Protests and Policing

The need for such a significant police presence was underscored by protests that took place outside Malmö Arena during the Eurovision final. The large-scale deployment aimed to ensure the safety of participants, attendees, and the general public, while also managing any potential disruptions.

Cost and Efficiency

Per Engström, the commanding officer of the operation, has submitted a detailed evaluation to Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer. Engström noted that while the final cost is expected to be slightly higher once all calculations are complete, the expenditure was relatively lower compared to many other major events. This cost efficiency was attributed to advanced planning and effective personnel management.

Engström emphasized that the thorough preparation and strategic allocation of resources played a crucial role in keeping the costs manageable while ensuring a high level of security. The proactive measures and extensive coordination among different police regions and international support underscored the complexity and scale of the operation.

The extensive police operation for Eurovision 2024 in Malmö highlights the significant efforts and resources required to ensure the security of such a large-scale international event. The collaboration between Swedish police and their counterparts from Norway and Denmark, along with meticulous planning, helped manage the substantial security needs effectively. The geopolitical tensions, particularly the Israeli-Hamas conflict, added further urgency and complexity to the security measures.

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Source: Sveriges Radios Ekoredaktion

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  1. Liverpool cost £3m to police – all Eurovision from now on will cost much the same, not only protecting against any political threat but also to deal with the normal policing matters during festivals of theft, drunkenness, drugs etc. 22m SEK is about £1.65m, so Sweden actually spent about 55% of what Liverpool did.

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