Luna Ki withdraws from Benidorm Fest 2022

January 23, 2022



The public broadcaster of Spain (RTVE) has released a statement this morning: Luna Ki has decided not to participate in the Benidorm Fest, the contest that RTVE will hold on 26th, 27th and 29th January to choose the representative of Spain in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

The reason that has been transferred to the organization is that of not being able to use ‘autotune’, a vocal modification software technology whose use has been rejected in the Eurovision Song Contest. The artist assures that the song has been composed with that tool and is an essential part of its interpretation.

According to a statement from Luna Ki’s team, the artist is not having a good time after making this decision, so they ask for respect and kindness. Luna Ki feels guilty in front of the public, the other contestans and RTVE, for which the artist will give a more detailed explanation soon.

The artist has thanked the head of the delegation, Eva Mora, and the communication director of RTVE, Maria Eizaguirre, for all the support and sensitivity they have had at this moment. Luna Ki has also received the affection from the rest of contestants, who have shown their love on social media.

RTVE will extend the information about Luna Ki’s decision and what will happen in the contest tomorrow, 24th Januray, at a press conference that will take place in Benidorm at 16:30 CET.

Luna Ki during a press conference of the Benidorm Fest (Photo: RTVE)

Translation of the Luna Ki team statement:

Luna Ki has communicated to RTVE the decision to withdraw from the Benidorm Fest since the European Eurovision regulations have finally prohibited the use of autotune at the festival. It amazes us, since autotune is a musical tool that has been used by artists like Cher since 1998 and that represents part of the sound and identity of a generation. Luna considers that the song "Voy a morir" has been composed with said tool and that its sonority and timbre are essential parts of its interpretation.
Luna is a sensitive person and is going through a delicate emotional moment, so we ask everyone for the utmost respect and kindness. Luna feels responsible to the Benidorm FEst audience, to the other contestants and to RTVE, so she will give a detailed explanation about her decision.
Finally, we want to thank RTVE and, especially, Eva Mora and Maria Eizaguirre for their support and sensitivity at every moment.

From Euroxx, we send all our love to Luna Ki in this difficult time. And, you, what do you think of Luna Ki’s withdrawal? Do you think that RTVE should let Luna Ki perform out of competition at least? Is it necessary that Eurovision have a debate on the use of autotune as an instrument? We would like to know your opinion in the comments below.

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