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Liverpool releases video to promote host city bid for Eurovision 2023

September 23, 2022


Liverpool City Council have released a video to promote their Eurovision 2023 host city bid.

The video, narrated by Liverpudlian singer and Eurovision runner-up for the United Kingdom, Sonia, shows off Liverpool’s history of music and culture whilst detailing their bid to become Eurovision 2023’s host city.

Liverpool is just one of seven cities that have been shortlisted to potentially host Eurovision 2023. They join Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield in the Eurovision 2023 host bid race.

Liverpool, with a population of nearly 500,000, sits in the north of the United Kingdom. The city, which is home to The Beatles, has a rich music history and is recognised by the Guiness Book of World Records as the “World Capital City of Pop”.

Despite its title of “World Capital City of Pop”, the city is home to the oldest surviving Symphony Orchestra in the United Kingdom, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

The city regularly plays host to various music festivals throughout the year, including Africa Oyé, Brazilica, Liverpool International Music Festival and Sound City, among many others.

There are many music venues throughout the city, with Echo Arena being the biggest, with an audience capacity of 11,000. The arena played host to the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2008. Could it also be gearing up to host Eurovision 2023?

Would you like to see Eurovision 2023 coming to Liverpool? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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