Liverpool hospitality weigh in on accommodation fiasco ahead of Eurovision 2023

October 16, 2022



Liverpool Hospitality, a non-profit organisation that represents the collective voice of Hospitality in Liverpool, has spoken out about the accommodation situation the city has found itself in following the confirmation of Liverpool as Eurovision 2023 host city.

Since the announcement on October 7th, that Liverpool would be hosting Eurovision 2023, many fans found themselves out of pocket as hotel and air bnb prices began to soar. Some people even found their bookings cancelled, only to re-appear back online at a much higher price than they booked it for.

Speaking out on their official Twitter page, Liverpool Hospitality have spoken out about the rise in accommodation costs, and have vowed to help the situation, as best they can.

Eurovision 2023 will be coming to Liverpool, making it the first time the Northern city will play host to the contest. They won the right to host next years contest, in place of Ukraine, after a bidding process which saw numerous cities across the country submitting their bids.

The EBU worked with the BBC and Suspline to find the right city for the job, and after a few weeks, it all came down to Glasgow versus Liverpool, with the latter taking the crown.

At the moment, accommodation prices for a large proportion of places within Liverpool are still very high, putting a lot of people off booking. But these prices look set to decrease in the coming months, as organisations such as Liverpool Hospitality work their magic.

Have you booked accommodation for Eurovision in Liverpool? What has your experience been like? Let us know how it’s been for you in the comments below!

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  1. We are a family of four who went to almost all Eurovision Song Contest family shows over the last years as part of our family tradition ( we went to Austria, to Portugal, to Sweden, to Israel, to Italy just to mention a few…). We are truly Europeans coming from three countries and living in another one. We like Eurovision and what it means for our family and our children. We like the music.
    But this year, is just shameless what happens in the UK. We had to book in Southport as the prices in Liverpool were insane, partly because there are only relatively few accomodations, but mainly because owners of rental properties are shameless in taking advantage of this event. After 10 days the owners called us to let us know that they want to cancel and we should agree if we want to receive our money back. Of course, the owner certainly wants to rent out the apartment for a higher amount. Booking would also make more money if the owner gets more money and therefore seems to collude with this scheme. We read that this happens quite a lot right now and we do not understand how is this even possible in a civilised country. We tried to explain even to Booking that we do not want to cancel, but in the end Booking just canceled our reservation…

    This year even some of the well-established participating countries canceled their participation also because of the accomodation prices. It starts on the wrong footing already. Without North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bulgaria, is already for us not the same. The UK could offer to help.

    So shame on the UK, shame on Liverpool rental owners, shame on the organisers for allowing this and shame on Booking for taking advantage!

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