Lesley Roy talks Eurovision and prepares music video

February 15, 2021



Ireland’s Eurovision 2020 and 2021 representative Lesley Roy has spoken to website Extra Ireland about her upcoming Eurovision participation.

During the interview, Lesley spoke about her hopes for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, and how much she is looking forward to finally get her moment on the Eurovision stage: “It was exciting last year to try and do it, but this year I think I just really want to get there and finish out this project that I started, and just really sing for Ireland… So fingers crossed that we can have some people there in the Ahoy Theatre in Rotterdam. I worked for months on this, I am so, so pumped for everyone in Ireland to hear it.”

When speaking about how she sees the 2021 contest going ahead, with regards to the four different scenarios, Lesley had this to say: “It was great to hear that they’re going to try and push for Plan B, I think we all kind of knew that Plan A was out of the question of having a full audience.”


Alongside this interview, Lesley has also been teasing us all on her official Instagram account, by sharing pictures of the official music video for Eurovision entry, which is expected to be out in early March.

Are you excited to hear Lesley’s 2021 entry? What kind of song are you expecting from her? Let us know in the comments below!

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