KEiiNO release music video for “Monument”

February 4, 2021


“The music video for whomever gets the chance to represent Norway in Eurovision will be viewed by millions. Just look at our song “Spirit in the Sky” from 2019, the music video has already been viewed 8.5 million times. We take the role as ambassadors for Norway very seriously, and we hope the video for “Monument” will inspire people to come and visit our fantastic country when the pandemic ends."

Tom Hugo

Two weeks after releasing their Melodi Grand Prix 2021 entry, “Monument”, KEiiNO have now released the official music video for the song. The music video was filmed in various locations across Norway in Autumn 2020, and showcases the spectacular Norwegian landscape and scenery.

Speaking of Monument, and of KEiiNO, Alexandra had this to say: “Through the music video we pay tribute to the amazing Norwegian nature, and our own monumental experiences in life and every-day-heroes. You can see me pick up a picture of us from Eurovision in 2019. When I joined KEiiNO I instantly got to new friends for life. The boys has really been part of realize my biggest dream, and has become a huge part of my life. They have become the monuments in my life.”

Fred Buljo, of Sami origin, and who provides joiking in all of KEiiNO’s songs has weighed in on Sami culture and KEiiNO: “Preserving the Sámi culture and joik has been the core of KEiiNO since the beginning. And being able to introduce joik to the world through “Spirit in the Sky” in 2019 was
extremely fun and touching.”

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