Junior Eurovision 2021: day one in review

December 14, 2021


Preparations for the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest were in full swing today in Paris as nine countries took to the stage in La Seine Musicale for their first rehearsal. 

Simão Oliveira from Portugal was first up on stage. With a glittery backdrop full of sparkle, Simão looked every bit dapper in his suit and bow tie. Vocally, he gave a flawless and enchanting performance.

Maiú Levi Lawlor from Ireland was next up on stage. Maiú is alone on stage with a video wall accompanying him throughout the performance. There are LEDs on the backdrop and the stage floor which display a road and houses, with the whole performance being very bright and colourful.

Just like Maiú’s performance, Ike and Kaya from Malta use LEDs very effectively in their performance, with lots of floral and jungle-like imagery. Kaya begins by singing from an egg chair, similar to what we saw in the music video, with Ike joining her on stage for the second verse.

Ayana has kept her staging and styling very similar to what we saw at the National Final. She is joined on stage by two dancers who are performing traditional Japanese Fan Dancing, first as sillhouettes behind a prop before dancing alongside Ayana in the latter half of the performance. We see good use of LEDs, especially with the pink blossom tree, which brings about a very colourful performance.

Pauline from Germany, who will be opening the show on Sunday 19th December, is joined on stage by two dancers, and they have quite possibly brought the most bright and colourful staging of the day! Alongside her dancers, Pauline is joined by about another 14 people or so… in LED format as there are a crowd of cartoon people behind her, holding up signs of love and kindness.

Elisabetta and her four dancers definetley rocked the stage in La Seine Musicale for their first rehearsal! All of them, dressed in black and white, stand out among a backdrop of pinks, purples and greens, complete with flashing lights. They all have mini mirrors on their outfits, as a nod to the song’s title “Mirror On The Wall”.

Nikoloz and his dancers have brought a lot of colourful fun to the Parisian stage, in every aspect. We see an array of colours not only on the backdrop and stage floor, but from all of their outfits too. The staging is very groovy and stylish, and is reminiscent of their music video, whilst Nikoloz’s vocals are on point.

Levi and his dancers can be seen dancing and singing around the stage amist a backdrop of city skylines and neon lights. We also see props on stage too – with two large buses towards the back of the stage. Levi maintains a solid vocal, despite the fast paced movement of the song.

The final country to rehearse today was Poland, and Sara looks every bit beautiful in her pink dress. She is joined by dancers, who have tree branches as props, matching the backdrop that reveals itself to become a big tree. The dancers choreography is very syncronised, and reminiscent of ballet dancing.

Tomorrow, we will see the final ten countries taking to the stage at La Seine Musicale for their first rehearsal, ahead of second rehearsals beginning on Thursday 16th December.

  • Azerbaijan: Sona Azizova – One Of Those Days
  • Bulgaria: Denislava & Martin – Voice Of Love
  • Albania: Anna Gjebrea – Stand By You
  • Ukraine: Olena Usenko – Vazhil
  • North Macedonia: Dajte Muzika – Green Force
  •  Kazakhstan: Alinur & Beknur – Fairy World
  • Armenia: Maléna – Qami Qami
  • Serbia: Jovana & Dunja – Children’s Eyes
  • Russia: Tatyana Mezhentseva – Mon Ami
  • France: Enzo – Tic Tac

Have you seen all the rehearsal clips from today? Which country’s rehearsal has been your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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